What is the number one reason why a property does not sell?

Lack of adequate exposure to the market One of the reasons a home doesn't sell is that it hasn't been marketed properly. You can't even give something away if no one knows. Being in a seller's market can mean that your home will be purchased for a higher price, regardless of its condition. But it's not a strategy to count on.

When you put your house on the market, you never really know how long it will take to sell. In some markets, you may have five full-price offers within 24 hours. In others, your home may stay there for weeks. If you're at the “my house isn't for sale” camp, here are a few things to consider.

If your home still has 1950s fixtures and not in a pretty, vintage way, you could be discouraging buyers, especially if the homes in your area are all up to date. Updated appliances, updated accessories, and updated furniture go a long way in helping a home sell. Talk to your real estate agent about the optimal time to list your home for sale. This is probably the most obvious reason why a property won't be sold.

Buyers will have done their research and will know exactly how much similar homes in the same or similar area will be on the market. Research by Rightmove has also shown that 20% of people said they wouldn't be interested in a home that didn't have floor plans, so make sure you have good quality photos, and also that you have floor plans of your house redacted. Move home Faster Limited, 14 Mallard Court, Mallard Way, Crewe, Cheshire CW1 6ZQ. The Top 10 Reasons Why Your House Isn't Selling A top-tier real estate professional will perform a detailed comparative market analysis, also known as a CMA, of your home to determine what the current market value is.

A real estate CMA will compare your home to similar homes that were sold in your neighborhood in the last 6 to 12 months, similar to what a bank appraiser would do for a home buyer. Positive and negative value adjustments are made when comparing one home to another. For example, if your house has a 2-car garage and one of the recent sales in your neighborhood has a 1-car garage, a positive value adjustment will be made for your home. If the absorption rate in your market is 10 months of inventory, it probably means that your market is in the middle of a buyer's market.

If the absorption rate is 2 months of inventory, it probably means that the market is a seller's market. Are you struggling to sell a home in Rochester NY? If so, there's a good chance that one (or more) of the 10 reasons above is the reason your house isn't selling. If you would like to discuss selling your home with a local Rochester NY realtor, please contact me so we can discuss it in detail. If you're thinking about putting your property on the market, or maybe you're already on the market and haven't gotten an offer yet, read on to find out these 7 common reasons why properties don't sell, so you can take steps to make sure you avoid them.

For these reasons, the right pricing strategy is crucial to selling your home quickly and at the highest price. The tenth reason your house isn't selling is because you hired the wrong realtor to sell your house.

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